Present ecological state of wetlands

Developing a refined suite of tools for assessing the Present Ecological State of wetland ecosystems

The broad aims of this project are (1) to engage with key stakeholders to clarify user requirements for a wetland PES assessment tool (or suite of tools), and to agree on an assessment framework for different types of wetlands and levels of PES assessment; (2) to integrate the existing Wetland PES assessment tools into a single suite of user-friendly tools, in line with user requirements, and to address the shortcomings of the existing methods; and (3) to undertake iterative testing of draft versions of the PES assessment tools so as to continually refine and improve the tools that are developed.



  • Macfarlane DM, Ollis DJ and Kotze DC. 2020. A refined suite of tools for assessing the present ecological state of wetland ecosystems. Water Research Commission Report TT 820/20



Project Leader
Dean Ollis