Fynbos fish revival

                                                RESTORING RIVERS. SAVING SPECIES. CONNECTING COMMUNITIES.
Giant Redfin (Pseudobarbus skeltoni) is an Endangered freshwater fish threatened by invasive species and habitat destruction.
“Freshwater fish are South Africa’s most threatened species group and urgent conservation action is required to prevent looming species extinctions” – Jeremy Shelton 


In South Africa, freshwater ecosystems are more threatened than marine or terrestrial systems, and freshwater fishes are the country’s most threatened species group. Urgent conservation action is required to save threatened fish species through restoring critical fish habitats. The Western Cape Province (world-renowned for its incredible diversity of terrestrial plants collectively called the “Fynbos”) is a priority area for freshwater fish conservation action, because it has a higher number of unique and threatened freshwater fish species than anywhere else in South Africa.

Improved conservation status of the Cape’s most threatened freshwater fish and their habitats.

Identify and undertake priority interventions to restore critical freshwater fish habitats and save threatened species from extinction. 

Work collaboratively with land owners, communities, conservationists, scientists and the public to restore critical freshwater habitats and undertake urgent conservation interventions to safeguard the region’s most threatened freshwater fishes from extinction before its too late. 

“We work with local communities to save threatened species and restore critical river habitats” – Jeremy Shelton 


The Fynbos Fish Revival is a collaborative conservation effort between local government and non-government organisations, including Freshwater Research Centre, Northern Cape Nature Conservation, CapeNature, Fynbos Fish Trust Youth4Conservation and Fishwater Films. 


There are currently five active FFR conservation projects underway working to recover threatened species of Fynbos Fish. 

Fynbos Fish Revival projects underway in the Cape Fold Ecoregion. (Fish images used with permission from SAIAB)


We create employment opportunities and build local conservation capacity by upskilling local community members to restore critical fish habitats and save threatened species.



Work closely with Fishwater Films to tell impactful visual stories about local freshwater biodiversity and conservation efforts. 


We work with Youth 4 Conservation to create immersive, hands on conservation experiences for young South Africans.


Support the Fynbos Fish Revival by making a donation to our on-the-ground conservation work or by sharing freshwater fish observations via iNaturalist


Project coordinators
Jeremy Shelton and Bruce Paxton

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Please use your Name and the project you would like to donate to as as reference e.g. Jane_Saving Sandfish. If you would also be so kind as to email us with your details once you have made the payment. Please also let us know if you would like to receive a Section 18a Certificate. You can send that email to info@frcsa.org.za.
We would like to thank you for your contribution, it means a lot to us!