Remote sensing toolkits

Establishing remote sensing toolkits for monitoring freshwater ecosystems under global change

The aim of this research project was to assess the ability of the new space-borne sensors, such as Sentinel, for the inventory and long-term monitoring of vegetated wetlands in the context of global change, for instance climate change and the increased frequency of peat fires. The approach was to assess the capabilities of the new multispectral and SAR space-borne sensors in combination with monitoring of a variety of wetland vegetation indices, for reporting on structure, function and condition of vegetated wetlands. FRC contributed a chapter on wetland monitoring in the context of climate change – specifically, which indicators (such as above ground biomass, or soil moisture) could be monitored over the long-term using remote sensing imagery. This could allow the collection of data over broad areas and over the long-term, and the findings will contribute towards developing the scope of the National Wetland Monitoring Programme (NWMP).





Project Leader
Kate Snaddon