Philip Frenzel – FRC Intern through the DST-NRF Internship Programme (2018-2019)

Philip Frenzel is deeply engaged in environmental sustainability issues – especially, anything relating freshwater ecosystems. Originating from Kwa-Zulu Natal, his interests in environmental issues were borne in his childhood years whilst visiting different game reserves around the country. Philip pursued his tertiary education at Stellenbosch University and graduated with his BSc Conservation Ecology degree in 2015. He continued his studies at the same institution and graduated in 2018 with his MSc degree, also in Conservation Ecology, which investigated the potential use of floating wetlands in small farm dams in the Western Cape, South Africa. Philip then enrolled in the DST-NRF internship program and joined the FRC at the beginning of April 2018. The internship will provide him an opportunity to deepen his knowledge and exposure in the freshwater field and develop the necessary skills for environmental consulting. Throughout his internship period, Philip aims to improve his GIS skills, get acquainted with wetland condition assessments, and be accredited as a SASS5 practitioner and SACNASP registered scientist, amongst other relevant skills and accreditations. He has a keen interest in wetlands and enjoys assisting in both research and consulting projects.

EFT Account Details

Account Name:               Freshwater Research Centre NPC 
Bank:                                 Nedbank Limited
Account No:                     102 680 5341    
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